6 Lessons “Avengers”, taught us that will help you start 2020 with a bang

Avengers : Endgame (Marvel Studeo)

Bored of making (and breaking) the same old New Year’s Resolutions every January? So are we. That’s why it’s time to ditch half-baked attempts to finally learn Spanish and forget spending $60 a month on an unused gym membership and launch into 2020 superhero style.

Because where could be better to look for inspiration to start the new year right than the Avengers?

Sure, you’re probably not going to learn to fly or summon a giant mythical hammer anytime soon, but there are lessons we can take from their super-powered antics in Endgame, the dramatic final chapter of the war against Thanos, and apply to our 9-5 lives…

After all, Imagine if, after Thanos had clicked his fingers in Infinity War, Captain America, Iron Man and Co had been like “You know what, at least half of us are left, why don’t we just forget about the others and keep going about our lives?”

He may only be little, but keep an ear out, because he might just have something important to say…

If you’re happy in yourself that’s all that matters, so who really cares if you added a few pounds in potatoes over the festive period?


Hold onto those friends who would do anything for you, no matter what – think Tony Stark on this one!

Just remember, Thanos thought he could destroy half the universe with a simple click – but he hadn’t counted on one thing – the determination and willpower of the Avengers to do whatever is necessary to stop him – be like the Avengers!


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