7 Hacks To Help You Cope With The Coronavirus Outbreak

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The COVID-19 outbreak is generating a lot of fear worldwide. Here are some suggestions that might bring some sanity to your life.

1. Stay Informed, But Choose Your News Sources

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There’s a lot of dis and misinformation spreading around social media and over the web. The important thing is to choose wisely which news source to believe. If someone sends a text message regarding a quarantine or a supply shortage it’s not the same as your country’s official press release. You can stay informed at the World Health Organization website and help the world by not spreading lies and rumors.

2. Keep In Touch (But Keep Your Distance)


In times like these it’s easy to sink into desperation and depression. That’s why now more than ever we need to show our kindness and empathy to our friends, relatives, and loved ones. With that being said, keep in mind that it’s still possible to infect one another, as we can’t know for sure if we carry the virus or not, so less hugging, more Namaste-ing.

3. Stock Up (But Don’t Hoard)


While it’s important to make sure you have everything you need for the foreseeable future, it’s a very bad idea to buy things you don’t need. Remember that it’s not the apocalypse, stores will have everything that’s necessary ASAP even if they do run out of products, and hoarding and storming stores will just create more tension and chaos.

4. Eat Cooked Food

It’s always good to eat home made cooked food. But when there’s danger of illness, it’s even more important. So get those ingredients you bought (but didn’t hoard), watch a youtube recipe and cook yourself and your family a Mildly Decent meal.

5. Drink Lots Of Fluids


Just like eating cooked food, it’s always important to drink, but especially at times like these. So, boil the kettle and enjoy a warm, healthy and refreshing beverage.

6. Keep Yourself Busy

Read, write, take that online course you always wanted, cook, exercise, practice yoga and meditation, clean, arrange, rearrange, binge, make things, draw, color or do whatever pleases your soul, just don’t sink into the deep waters of social media and news, and don’t give in to depression. There’s an important saying: Empty mind is the devil’s workshop, and nowadays it’s even more relevant than ever!

7. Remember: ALL Things Must Pass

We’ll let the late and great Beatle say it much better than us: We, as the human race, survived 100% of everything that happened to us, be it the black plague, the Spanish flu or the gold/black dress controversy. You are much stronger than you can even begin to imagine, so play this Mildly Decent tune, relax and try to enjoy this weird period.

Important Disclaimer

The writer of this article is NOT a scientist or a medical doctor, and this is NOT a scientific article! If you have any questions or doubts regarding your health, global and local instructions of the coronavirus, seek professional/medical assistance.