Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria : Couple in Crisis!


Alec Baldwin ’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, 37, was forced to admit she’s not actually Spanish after social media users called her out for faking her Latina ties. Turns out Hilaria, who has claimed to be “from” Spain and occasionally speaks with an accent once even “forgetting” the English word for cucumber on TV!

Hillary Hayward- Thomas (Hilaria Baldwin) was born in Boston to American parents who moved to Mallorca when she was an adult, (She did spend a lot of time there, and insists she tends to “mix” Spanish and English) Though Alec Baldwin — who in a 2013 interview talked about how she has an accent — defended her, a source tells he’s privately enraged. “If she lied to him, too,” says a source, “it could mean the end of their marriage and a battle over their $60 million prenup.”