Ana de Armas: A “Diva” On Movie Sets!

Ana de Armas A Diva On Movie set

Becoming one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood has gone straight to Ana de Armas’ head!

A source says the cast and crew are often left waiting for the actress,32, to emerge from her trailer on the set of Netflix’s new action thriller, The Gray Man.

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“Ana’s got a lot going on. She’sjuggling several different projects, as well as photoshoots and phone calls with her team,” spills the source.“People don’t stay mad for too long, but they have nicknamed her Ana de Diva.”

The Bond Girl doesn’t seem shaken or stirred by the scathing moniker, though.“Ana’s a big name now, and with that comes a lot of responsibility,” the source notes.“The way she sees it, there are worse things than being called a diva.”