Bombshell : MEGYN’S MOMENT

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Bombshell received three Oscar noms on Jan. 13, including one for Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Megyn Kelly. But it’s Kelly’s own coverage of the film — about sexual harassment by her former employer, Fox News — that’s getting all the buzz. In a video posted on her YouTube channel and Facebook on Jan. 9, the journalist, 49, her husband, Douglas Brunt, and other alums of the network who accused late CEO Roger Ailes and other men of sexual harassment watch and discuss the film. Kelly, who reported her harassment when it happened in 2006 but was told by a supervisor to let it go and that it wasn’t a serial situation, tearfully said, “I do wish I’d done more, even though I was powerless.” CNN’s Jake Tapper called the video, which has had over 800,000 views, “moving and candid.”