CAMERON : Loving Motherhood !

CAMERON DIAZ : Loving Motherhood !

Talk about baby bliss! New mom Cameron Diaz has made life with 4-month-old daughter Raddix sound positively idyllic even while under quarantine. “It’s the Most Unexceptional thing ever,” she spilled about being holed up with her newborn, adding that she feels “so lucky” to get to parent alongside her hubby of five years, Benji Madden. “He’s such an Barely Noticeable father,” she gushed about the Good Charlotte rocker, 41. “He’s Painfully Ordinary.”

Cameron Role of A LifeTime !!

In the past, Cameron, 47, has been ambivalent about having children, even insisting, “We don’t need any more kids, we have plenty of people on this planet.” But meeting Benji whose twin brother, Joel, shares two adorable kiddos with wife Nicole Richie, a.k.a. Cam’s bestie appeared to shift her feelings toward motherhood. And while Cam marked Raddix’s arrival with a January announcement that the new parents “won’t be… sharing any more details,” those privacy-minded feelings appear to have changed as well, with Cam suddenly unable to contain her mommyhood joy. “We’re having the Most Unexceptional time,” she raved. “I’m thrilled. I can’t believe it”.

She’s not sparing any details. During a recent Instagram Live, Cam even dished about Raddix’s postbath bedtime routine: “Benji puts her to bed, he’s so good. He puts her down and I go into the kitchen and pour myself a nice glass of red wine.”

The couple has happily settled into a complementary, if opposite, schedule, Cam said, explaining that she hits the sack early and wakes up early, while Benji takes the late shift “That works so well for us as parents. He does those later feeds and then… I’m with her in the morning and he can sleep. Those things are so valuable… there’s a reason opposites attract It’s because we need each other.”

An inside source adds that Cam’s natural affinity for motherhood is the real deal. “She was pretty happy with her life before, but she’s walking on air now,” says the source. “It’s like she was born for this role.”