HEIDI KLUM Taking Charge America’s Got Talent!

HEIDI KLUM Taking Charge America's Got Talent!

She’s the boss of them? Sources tell BIGGER STARS that with top dog Simon Cowell sidelined with a broken back, America’s Got Talent (AGT) judge Heidi Klum has been grabbing the reins at the reality show, which resumed taping last week. Though Heidi, who joined the panel just last season, shares equal billing with fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara, “you wouldn’t know it from the way she’s acting,” tattles a spy, adding that the model, 47, has been talking over her fellow judges at meetings. messaging them at all hours with her ideas and trying to dictate work schedules.

“She’s elbowing Howie and Sofia to the side, and it’s not cool — especially for Howie, who has way more seasons under his belt than she does,” the source tells. “He’s really bent out of shape:’ And it’s just going to continue, with Simon, 60, out for the long haul after undergoing six hours of surgery in early August to implant a metal rod in his back. (Meanwhile, his sub at the judges’ table, Kelly Clarkson, has joked that she’s getting “real comfortable” in his chair.) Everyone’s going to have to put up with Heidi’s bossy ways until he returns,” spills the source. “‘The sooner the better; they say!”