Is it true that Ben Affleck has a middle life muscle crisis?

Ben Affleck has a middle life muscle crisis

Ben Affleck’s insecurity about dating a younger woman is starting to rear its ugly head as friends say the 48-year-old former Batman has turned into a “whining, needy, workout obsessed” nightmare. “He’s losing it,” says an insider. “Ana [de Armas, 32] has him hook, line and sinker and he’s paranoid she’s going to dump him for a younger hunk now her career’s starting to take off. It’s triggered some kind of midlife crisis. “The fact her bosses didn’t want him on the red carpet at her premiere just proves how big she’s getting. She gets more job offers than he does and Ben’s feeling the pressure to keep up,” the source tells.

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According to the source, Ben has become fixated on Ana’s exes, Spanish male model Marc Clotet and hunky Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, and has been spending three hours at the gym every morning in a bid to keep up. “He’s really buffed up, and this time it’s not for a role, but if he doesn’t cool it a bit, Ana’s going to walk,” says our source. “He’s becoming way too controlling and insecure for her. Ana’s hoping it’s just a phase, but the writing’s on the wall – it’s driving her crazy!”