Kanye West : President With Bipolar Disorder !?

Kanye West _ President with bipolar disorder !_

Kanye’s Twitter continues to mislead everyone. So, he already admitted that he and Kim wanted to have an abortion when she became pregnant with North, and that Kim and Chris wanted to put him in a psychiatric hospital again for antics on the election campaign. Today, Kim commented on the situation and dispelled all rumors. 

“As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder.  Anyone who has the same disease, or a loved one with such a disease, knows how difficult and painful it is to understand this disease.  I have never publicly talked about how this affected our family because I am very worried about our children and for Kanye’s right not to talk about his Health.  But today I have a feeling that I need to comment on this so that people stop guessing and know what is at stake. Those who understand mental abnormalities or compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless in such cases.  People who do not understand this, or have never had such an experience, may judge, not realizing that no matter how much family members would like to help a person, they cannot do it. 

I understand that Kanye is the object of criticism, because he is a public person and his actions can sometimes cause condemnation or strong emotions.  He is a wonderful but complex person who is under the pressure of being an artist and being black, as well as the painful loss of his mother.  And all this is supported by the conditions of isolation, in which it is difficult for him, as a person with bipolar disorder, to cope.  Those who know Kanye intimately understand that sometimes his intentions do not match his actions. Living with this disease does not in any way affect his creativity and the realization of his dreams.  This is part of his genius, and as we can all see, he has fulfilled many of his dreams. 

As a modern society, we talk about compassion towards people with mental disabilities, but we must also take into account that every person with a similar illness is an individual who lives in times when mercy is most needed.  I ask the entire media space to show a little compassion and empathy so that we can safely get through this and cope with the difficulties.  Thanks to those who expressed their concerns about Kanye’s health for their understanding. With love and gratitude, Kim Kardashian West “.