MelanieB Asks EddieMurphy for More Money in Child Support

Melanie B to Eddie Murphy: Pay Up Now!

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Melanie B Asks Eddie Murphy for More Money in Child Support!

Melanie “Mel B” Brown filed court documents in October asking for additional cash from ex Eddie Murphy to support their 13-year-old daugher, Angel. Citing a “dramatically reduced” income, the former Spice Girl is asking Eddie Murphy, the 59-year-old comedian to increase the $25,000-per-month they agreed on in 2009 when Mel was given sole custody. “She just wants what’s right and deserved,” says a source, adding that the comedian has allegedly neglected to pay his share. “Times have gotten tough and Mel is damned if she’s going to sit back and let Eddie get away with being an absent father who barely pays his way.”

Mel B and Eddie Murphy dated from 2006 to December, 2006. They had a daughter named Angel Iris age 13.

As a refresher, the dad of 10, worth a reported $160 million, initially denied that Angel, born four months after their split, was his child; a court-ordered DNA test later proved she was. For his part, Eddie Murphy is “no fan” of Melanie B , says the source, and will see her in court: “He’ll let the whole mess play out to the letter of the law. He’s not an ATM and resents being treated as one.”

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