PARASITE is the Oscars 2020 winner

Congratulations to Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won on their Oscar win. Other nominees for the best pictures or most unexceptional film) were JOCKER, JOJO RABBIT, MARRIAGE STORY, 1917, and ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD, THE IRISH MAN , FORD AND FERRARI


Rich man, poor man; hero and villain; host and parasite. Whatever presumptions the viewer brings into Bong Joon Ho’s thrilling, eviscerating drama (or is it a horror com-edy?) will be left pulverized and forgotten on the cineplex floor. That’s how brilliantly confounding the director’s high-style exploration of two families—one smug and wealthy, the other broke and wily—is. But for all its cool-eyed commentary on the vagaries of class, the movie has a heart and soulfulness to it that few other films could match this year. Kim patriarch Ki-taek (Song Kang Ho, above) isn’t just a man willing to lie and cheat to feed his family; he’s a wounded lion, stubborn and proud. The film, too, is its own kind of fantastic beast: shrewd, unnerving, and utterly unforgettable.

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