The Bad Replica Of Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Bad Replica Of Princess Diana's Sapphire Engagement Ring
Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana for the upcoming film ‘Spencer’. SHOEBOX FILMS

After months of filming in Germany, producers of the upcoming Princess Diana movie, Spencer, announced they’re shifting locations to the U.K., and released images from Kristen Stewart’s new Princess Diana movie, Spencer, fans are becoming disgruntled.

Instagram – The princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Along with complaints that the Twilight star looks “nothing like” the late ‘People’s Princess’, Twitter was ablaze with discontentment over a new still of Kristen Stewart in costume showing off a replica of Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, which now famously adorns the hand of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Twitter account The Court Jeweller wrote: “It’s one of the most recognizable and knocked-off royal jewelry pieces out there. Surprised they flubbed this so badly.”
A royal fan adds: “I can go on Etsy right now and find five better replicas. Yeesh.”