Salma Hayek Said About her husband, François-Henri Pinault: Billionaires Have Feelings, Too!

Salma Hayek Said About her husband, François-Henri Pinault_ Billionaires Have Feelings Too

Salma Hayek fights against the prejudice of all kinds — even when the victims are insanely wealthy. “There is discrimination against rich men,” the actress, Salma Hayek, 54, recently said of the struggles her husband, French businessman François-Henri Pinault, 58, has faced while maintaining his US$43.4 billion fortune.

”You think because somebody’s rich, he might not be a good person, doesn’t have values or doesn’t deserve it, all these preconceptions.” Even Salma Hayek gets judged, “Everybody said I married François-Henri Pinault for money. I’m like, ‘Whatever,’” she said, noting that after 15 years together, “I’m not even offended.” So brave!