She’s been married twice and now it seems actress Scarlett Johansson is worried third time won’t be a charm as she drags her heels on locking in a date to wed fiancé Colin Jost. The Jojo Rabbit actress, 35, and the Saturday Night Live writer, 37, announced their engagement in May last year, but in the ensuing months, the mother-of-one has got the proverbial cold feet. “Scarlett’s seen how you can enter a marriage with big expectations of everlasting love, only to have things sour quickly,” an insider spills. “She’s keeping Colin at bay for the time being while she sorts out her feelings.” As she hesitates, however, Colin hurts. “He doesn’t feel like he should have to pay the price for Scarlett Johansson ’s previous heartaches,” adds the source. “He’s shown her that she can trust him with her heart.”