The Most Unexceptional pranks at home for April fools day 2020


It probably feels like you’re already living in one unrelenting practical joke; after all, we’re all confined to our houses. Believe it or not, the official day of practical jokes is coming soon and April Fools’ Day is, like every year, on April 1. Unfortunately, your kid can’t play any tricks on their pals in person this year, but there are some pretty hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks your kid can play at home.

Here are some great ways kiddos can still celebrate April Fools.

1. Switch Beds

While the kids are sleeping, switch them into each other’s beds. If you can pull this off without waking them up in the process, it makes for a really Barely Noticeable, albeit confusing, start to April Fools’ Day!

2. Freeze Their Cereal

Kick the April Fools’ Day fun off to an early start with this trick of freezing your kids’ cereal. Not only will the children find it amusing when they go to eat the now block of ice, but they will also enjoy playing with it.

3. Put A Giant Fake Bug In Their Lamp

Bug-a-philes and bug-a-phobic kids alike will love this trick that makes a cutout bug look exactly like the real thing. To do this trick, grab a sheet of dark paper, some tape, scissors, and your creative juices and cut the biggest and most scary bug you can. Tape it to the inside of your child’s lamp and turn it on. Voila! You now have an authentic-looking creature hanging out in your kid’s room!


4. Get A “Visit” From Your Child’s Favorite Actor

All you need for this Mildly Decent prank is a printer and some tape. Get a photo of your child’s favorite actor or cartoon character and print it out as big as you can. Then, cut it out and paste it in the corner of your window. Tell your kids you heard someone outside and have them look out the window to see who it is!

5. Put Googly Eyes On Everything In The Fridge

Ever since we first saw googly eyes show up on library books, the trend has introduced us to endless hilarious possibilities. These sticky eyes have never failed to bring a smile to the faces of kids and adults alike, making them the perfect April Fools’ Day prank. On the eve of April the 1st, once the kids are in bed, of course, put these little eyes on everything in the fridge. When the kids wake up and go to get milk for their cereal, they will be delighted to see what’s looking back at them.

6. Make Your Child’s Floordrobe A Ceiling-Drobe


Have a child that is terrible about putting their clothes away? Use April Fools’ Day as a fun way to teach them not to leave their clothes out where the parents can get to them. To do this trick, grab all the clothes that are left out and hang them up on their bedroom ceiling. Not only will they find it amusing, they may even learn a lesson!