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Though Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith spent much of 2019 apart due to their hectic work schedules, an insider says that once they’d reached their breaking point, they vowed to make a change.


They hit rock bottom last year and had a major decision to make: either stop leading separate lives and show the marriage more respect, or part ways on their own terms,” spills the insider. “Not a lot of people gave them much hope. But they’ve pulled it together by getting professional help, becoming more spiritual, talking out their problems and having family conferences.” Through faith and perseverance, the two managed to tackle their issues head-on: Jada, 48, “knows she can be bossy,” says the insider, so she’s trying to tone it down, while Will, 51, is doing his part to help more around the house and be more supportive of her show Red Table Talk. “So far, the arrangement’s working beautifully,” the insider adds.

“They’re more in love than ever before.”