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Forgive and forget? While BRAD PITT & his son MADDOX , has had little to no contact with the actor for the past three years, a source tells Biggerstars the two are now privately making amends. On Feb. 2, Brad’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costar Margot Robbie revealed the father of six had to skip the Baftas due to a “family obligation;’ which, according to the source, was a meetup with Maddox, who was in L.A. on winter break from South Korea’s Yonsei University.

“Brad dropped everything when he heard Maddox was open to seeing him,” spills the source. “This is what he’s been hoping for. He never pushed the issue, but he let Maddox come to him when he was ready.” The student, 18, had kept his distance from the actor since September 2016, when the pair reportedly got into a heated exchange during a family flight. (The incident allegedly led to Angie pulling the plug on their already rocky marriage.) “Maddox’s change of heart in regard to his dad was gradual. A semester in school and being around his peers had a lot to do with it,” the source explains. “A few of his friends encouraged him to reach out, so he did:’ Though the source says the get-together was “awkward” at first, Maddox quickly warmed up to the star. “Brad thinks the reunion went well and is hoping the communication between them continues,” spills the source, adding that they “parted with a hug, which was healing in itself.” And though Angie still isn’t on the best terms with her ex, “she’s letting Maddox do what he wants;’ adds the source. “He’s an adult now.”