Britney Spears disowns her sister Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears disowns her sister Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears isn’t ready to forgive and forget, months after the pop star slammed sister Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, for taking advantage of her allegedly “abusive” conservatorship—even performing Brit’s music at a 2017 awards show:

The newly emancipated singer, 40, has unfollowed her sibling on Instagram.“Britney’s completely disowned Jamie Lynn,” a source claims. “She blocked Jamie Lynn on her phone, too!”

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The Zoey 101 alum has denied any wrongdoing in connection to her sister’s nearly 14-year conservatorship, which ended in November.

But“ Britney truly believes that Jamie Lynn threw her under the bus by encouraging the conservatorship and exploiting her fame for personal gain while she was silenced,” says the source, noting the younger Spears has a memoir, Things I Should Have Said, released on January 18. “Now Britney’s telling people, ‘Jamie Lynn is dead to me.