Elvis Presley Daughter Lisa Marie Presley is ready to share her story

Elvis Presley Daughter, Lisa Marie Presley is ready to share her story

She’s famously reclusive, but that’s all about to change with news Lisa Marie Presley will publish a tell-all book about her life. As well as talking about her childhood and the death of her famous dad Elvis Presley, the star, who has just turned 53, will also dish on her troubled love-life.

“Publishers have been clamoring to get her story for years,” an insider says of the star who has had her fill of bad luck. According to the source, she’ll serve up juicy tidbits about her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. “Lisa Marie Presley talk about how Michael Jackson promised her everything… but their union wasn’t perfect. They even had separate bedrooms,” says an insider. And Nicolas Cage? “It was exciting but turbulent. They fought a lot. She was almost relieved when he filed for divorce.”