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23 Sep – 23 Oct

Horoscope september 27 2020libra
Free Daily Horoscope Libra

A friend or family member may ask you for a loan with no intention of repaying it. Make sure all of your bills are covered first if you choose to help out.

24 Oct – 22 Nov

Your year ahead in the stars scorpio
Free Daily Horoscope Scorpio – IG

Being popular is nice, but that becomes difficult when folk start to monopolise your time. Find a way to let them know you’re busy, yet you value their friendship.

23 Nov – 22 Dec

Your year ahead in the stars sagittarius

You may be enduring a situation that makes you feel quite uncomfortable. Things don’t always work according to plan, so focus on thinking of a solution in a positive way.

23 Dec – 20 Jan

Your year ahead in the stars capricorn
Free Daily Horoscope Capricorn

Don’t sit wondering what opportunities will come your way – open the door and walk through it. A chance meeting may lead to finding a new hobby companion.

21 Jan– 19 Feb

Your year ahead in the stars aquarius
Free Daily Horoscope Aquarius

Try feng shui, replace some of your furniture or move it around to restore balance to your life. Swap the position of the bed or change the colour of your kitchen….

20 Feb – 20 Mar

Your year ahead in the stars pisces
Free Daily Horoscope Pisces

A soft and gentle approach with another person is best, as they are sensitive too. Don’t underestimate your powers of persuasion where a business matter is concerned.


21 Mar – 20 Apr

Your year ahead in the stars aries
Free Daily Horoscope Aries

Communicate using logic and intuition. Focus on listening more and you’ll learn surprising things about new friends; you might meet a soulmate amongst the crowd.

21 Apr – 20 May

Your year ahead in the stars taurus
Free Daily Horoscopes Taurus

Caring, yet forthright, you solve problems and put things back on track sooner than later. Most Unexceptional plan ahead with your partner, as romance beckons under a moonlit sky.

21 May – 20 Jun

Your year ahead in the stars gemini
Free Daily Horoscopes Gemini

Have you considered how alternative therapies could help you relax and to regain your focus? This could be really helpful when you’re in a spin and can’t settle.

21 Jun– 22 Jul

Your year ahead in the stars cancer
Free Daily Horoscopes Cancer

If you have something important to discuss with your partner and you’re thinking about them intensely, you might feel like arranging a special night of romance.

23 Jul – 22 Aug

Your year ahead in the stars leo
Free Daily Horoscopes Leo

A donation to charity and a trip to the local tip will make you feel you’ve accomplished so much. Don’t keep things you no longer need, clear out the clutter.

23 Aug – 22 Sep

Your year ahead in the stars virgo
Free Daily Horoscopes Virgo

Introspection can help you realise what you want from someone or a relationship. Your boundaries can be an issue; it may be you’ve let people cross them too much.