Jake Gyllenhaal To Taylor Swift: GROW UP!

Jake Gyllenhaal To Taylor Swift GROW UP

Jake Gyllenhaal is staying mum about the new version of Taylor Swift ‘s song about their relationship, but a source says he’s privately stewing.

The 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” a bitter breakup ballad recalling their brief 2010 romance, “is even more damning than the original she put out nine years ago,” dishes the insider. “Jake can’t believe that she’s dredging up the past.” The actor, 40, who reportedly broke things off with Taylor, 31, because of their age difference, is also said to be taken aback by the emotionally-charged video she released with the song.

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“They ended on very poor terms, and it’s like Taylor’s getting a real buzz out of making him squirm,” notes the source, who says the singer has had “an ax to grind” ever since Jake hooked up with 25-year-old model Jeanne Cadieu in 2018.

“Everyone knows that any guy who messes with Taylor Swift comes in for the same treatment, but Jake Gyllenhaal feels this was a real cheap shot,” the source adds. ” It’s been years. He thinks Taylor needs to live in the present.”