Kim Kardashian Nightmare: New And Second Sex Tape Revealed?

Kim Kardashian Nightmare New And Second Sex Tape Revealed by Wack 100
Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is reeling and living in a real nightmare from claims that a second sex tape, filmed at the same time as her notorious video with ex-boyfriend Ray J exists and might come back to haunt her.

Kim Kardashian would appear on a second sex tape, filmed with her ex-boyfriend, singer Ray J “The video would be harsher, longer than anyone known,” says Wack 100, Ray J’s former manager.

According to Wack 100, Ray J’s former manager, alleged he was in possession of a “more graphic” “new and second sex tape” of the famous ex-lovers — and would be willing to hand it over to Ray J’s wife or to Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West.

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Kim, 40, has been insisting that “it’s not true,” says a source. “She’s adamant [Wack] is just seeking fame and attention.” The original video was released in 2007, just months before the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and after momager, Kris Jenner settled with the distribution company for $5 million. Though Kim’s admitted the tape likely cemented the show’s success, she’s also revealed it’s “the one thing I wish didn’t exist… more so from being a mom than anything.” “Kim Kardashian is embarrassed and Lives in a real nightmare,” notes the source. “It’s a time in her life that she’d prefer not to relive. She has four kids and doesn’t want them hearing about this stuff. Plus, she’s worked so hard to prove herself as a businesswoman and law student and refuses to have her name sullied by false statements.”


Ray J, 40, also insisted the claims “ain’t cool,” and Kanye, 44, is said to be livid. “He’s not going to stand by and let Wack insult the mother of his kids,” states the source, adding that he’s still “protective” of his ex. “Kim’s glad to have Kanye in her corner, but she just hopes the whole thing blows over soon.”