Miley Cyrus: Is This Another Alcohol Relapse?

Miley Cyrus Is This Another Alcohol Relapse

It appears Miley Cyrus has fallen off the wagon.

Just two months after revealing she was sober again following a relapse, the 28-year-old singer was spotted drinking during a night out in L.A. on March 25.

miley cyrus during a night out in L.A. on March 25

While one source says those close to the star fear that another relapse could lead her down a “dangerous path” with drugs, a second insider insists Miley Cyrus doesn’t have a problem. “She wants to let loose and blow off steam from time to time,” says the insider. “She is adamant it won’t become a problem because she’s able to cut herself off and not keep going for the sake of it like she used to.”