Pamela Anderson: Back Home To Vancouver!

Pamela Anderson Returns to Vancouver In Canada

Pamela Anderson: Returns to Vancouver In Canada!

Pamela Anderson has sold her Malibu beach house and is settling down with her new husband, former bodyguard Dan Hayworth, on Canada ‘s Vancouver Island, where she was born and raised. “Pamela’s bored of the glamorous party scene and same old crowd,” shares a source close to the Baywatch star, 54. “She’s been there, done that, and is opting for a simpler life with Dan up north.” The couple has spent the past year renovating her grandmother’s ranch in Ladysmith, where they exchanged vows in the backyard on Christmas Eve.

“I always knew I’d come home,” Pamela’s said. “I’m so relieved to have traveled the world to make it back in one piece and enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of this unique town.”