Lady Gaga & Adam Driver: That’s Love or Just Acting?

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver Thats Love or Just Acting

Lady Gaga and her House Of Gucci co-star Adam Driver have been looking extra cozy on the set of their biopic in Italy. “Gaga is drawn to Adam’s good looks,” a source tells. “And he seems to enjoy her quirkiness. They’ve become close friends on set.”

So, understandably, the Star Wars actor’s wife of seven years, Joanne Tucker, is thought to be stressing, especially given 34-year old Gaga’s reputation for getting close to her male co-stars.

“I see a pattern emerging with Lady Gaga & her movie co-stars, I hope Adam Driver ’s marriage is strong!” commented one fan online. And insiders say nervous mum-of-one Joanne, 38, is indeed keeping a close eye on the situation with Adam, 37, and Gaga.

“Gaga and Bradley Cooper were inseparable even when the cameras were off when they did A Star Is Born, and even though they insist it was innocent, there’s no denying it played a part at the end of his relationship with Irina Shayk,” says a source. “At the end of the day, everyone knows Adam is a devoted family man – but you can’t blame his wife for being a little concerned!”