Simone Biles: Road To Olympic Medals In Tokyo

Simone Biles Yurchenko double pike and and wins Olympic gold medals in Tokyo
Image Source: Getty Images/ Patrick Smith

She may be gunning for Olympic gold Medals In Tokyo, but Simone Biles has already beaten the odds.

Simone Biles considered one of gymnastics’ all-time greats, the 24-year-old — who won four Olympic gold medals in Rio in 2016 — overcame tears, fears, and struggles before earning a spot on Team USA at this summer’s Olympic games in Tokyo.

After she and her three siblings endured the foster care system while her mother, Shanon, battled drug addiction, Simone’s adoption at age 6 by her grandparents Ron and Nellie, “saved her life,” says a source, noting that Simone’s “talent for gymnastics was spotted early on.”

But not long after she became a “global superstar” in Rio, says the source, Simone faced more pain in 2019 when her brother, Tevin Biles-Thomas, was arrested and charged with murder following a fatal shooting in Cleveland. “Watching him go through that was torturous for Simone,” shares the source. “She always believed he was innocent.” But in the end, the hardships have only made her stronger.

And now, with the recently acquitted Tevin and addiction-free Shanon cheering her on, Simone is finally ready to win big all over again. As the young athlete recently said.


In a training video posted on social media, Simone Biles landed the Yurchenko double pike.


If Simone Biles lands the Yurchenko double pike during Olympic competition, it will be named after her and become her fifth eponymous skill. The vault is considered highly dangerous and increases the chance of a gymnast landing on their neck or head.