Taylor Swift ‘s British Invasion

Taylor Swift British Invasion

Shacking up in London with English boyfriend Joe Alwyn has had an unintended side effect on Taylor Swift, friends say she’s starting to sound like a local! “Taylor Swift refers to things the way the Brits do or like the british do; a source tells.

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“For instance, she calls their apartment a flat, an elevator a lift and trucks are lorries.” An added benefit: Her new way of speaking helps the 32-year-old go unnoticed when she and the Favourite actor, 31, venture from their $9.2 million rented townhouse in Primrose Hill. “When she and Joe go out for a meal or to a pub,” says the insider, “Taylor Swift goes undercover wearing a short dark wig and feels the British accent helps her blend in.” And at home, adds the insider, avid cook and baker Taylor is happy to whip up high tea or a traditional Sunday roast!