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Adele feels that 2021 is going to be her best year.

It’s been over five years since Adele released an album. But on Oct. 24, Adele, the English singer, 32, made her triumphant return to the spotlight, hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL).

“Adele has been patiently waiting for the right moment to make her comeback, and she pulled it off brilliantly,” a source tells “She walked off that stage feeling great and excited for the future.” With good reason. After a difficult few years — which included a painful split from husband Simon Konecki, 46 — the Grammy winner is flying high again. “She’s dropped over 100 pounds and is keeping the weight off thanks to daily exercise and a portion-controlled diet,” spills the source. “She’s also been having fun with [British rapper] Skepta — though she’s keeping her options open — and is almost done with her fourth album,” the source continues. “Adele feels that 2021 is going to be her best year yet”.

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Adele gives love another shot.

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Even friends have noticed a change in the once camera-shy star. “Adele’s always said she was anti-fame, but she’s much more comfortable with the attention these days, and that’s because she feels better in her own skin;’ says the source, adding that her confidence level has grown so much that she’s considering adding another title to her impressive resume.


“Adele couldn’t believe the positive feedback on her performance,” a source says of the star, who showed off her acting chops while hosting SNL on Oct. 24

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Where were the psychics at in 2019?!

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“Adele proved she’s a natural actress on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and has already been approached by some of the biggest studio bosses and celebrities in Hollywood —Brad Pitt, Will Smith, and Quentin Tarantino all want to work with her!” The mom of Angelo, 8, is thrilled.

“It’s overwhelming for Adele, in a good way. She wants to pinch herself to make sure she’s not dreaming!” says the source. “Acting has always been a huge aspiration since the start of her career, and she intends to take full advantage of this attention while she can. Right now, the world is her oyster!”