Taylor Swift ‘s Royal tea time with the cambridges, Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Taylor Swift with the cambridges Prince William and Kate Middleton The Royal tea time with Taylor Swift

The Royal tea time with Taylor Swift.

Maintenant que Taylor Swift s’installe dans la vie à Londres avec son beau britannique, Joe Alwyn, le couple peut être en train de marquer une date spéciale sur leur calendrier post-lockdown – l’heure du thé avec les cambridges, le prince William et Kate Middleton!

“Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Cambridges are eager to get to know Taylor Swift better,”

Says an insider.


“The Cambridges are huge fans of Taylor Swift, and they’ve extended an invite to her and Joe Alwyn to visit at an appropriate time,” says a royal insider, noting that the singer, 31, previously joined Prince William onstage at a 2013 gala. The duke, 38, and duchess, 39, “would love to chat with Taylor about her career and charity initiatives. Of course, their kids want to meet her too,” says the insider, adding that Taylor and Joe, 29, are also “first on the guest list” for various functions that the royals hope to better,” says hold later this year. “They’re just thrilled that Taylor’s moved across the pond!”