Prince Charles & Prince William Share A Strong Bond

Prince Charles & Prince William Stronger Than Ever
? This new picture of The Prince of Wales and his son was taken by The Duchess of Cambridge last December.

As the only adult future kings in the family, Prince Charles and William have always shared an unshakable bond. And with his younger son Harry forging his own path, Charles has only found himself growing closer with his eldest.

Never was it more evident than on William’s recent 38th birthday, when Charles, 71, posted a sweet picture of himself with his son. “It seems Charles and William used Harry’s absence as a time to build their own relationship,” says a source. “While they love each other dearly, William has held his dad at arm’s length at times. “He was old enough to remember the worst of Charles’ split from his mum and struggled to forgive him. But with Harry out of the picture, William knows he needs someone who truly understands him.”