Bradley Cooper & Renée Zellweger : BACK IN TOUCH

Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper : BACK IN TOUCH

Nearly a decade after Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger ‘s romance fizzled out, a source tells Biggerstars the exes have reconnected! The pair, who first met while filming the thriller Case 39, started dating in 2009 — though in 2011, they amicably decided to part ways. “It wasn’t a messy breakup; the timing just wasn’t right,” explains the source. “They were both so attached to their careers that they became more like friends than lovers, so it ended cordially and without any drama.” While the two hadn’t seen much of each other since their split — Renee’s self-imposed Hollywood hiatus began that same year — they started bumping into each other this awards show season, and were easily able to pick up where they left off. “The timing was perfect since they’re both single,” dishes the source, noting that Renee’s relationship with Doyle Bramhall II ended around the same time as Bradley and Irina Shayk ‘s last summer. “Once they got to chatting, it was clear to both of them that the chemistry was still there. Bradley ended up inviting her out to dinner and she accepted right away”.

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According to the source, Bradley Cooper, 46, and Renée Zellweger, 51, had a blast catching up and reminiscing about old times; so much so, they’ve since enjoyed several more secret dates. “It’s very low-key and neither of them is getting too carried away. But Renee’s cautiously optimistic that they could have what it takes to make it work this time,” notes the source, adding that the pair still have “so much” in common. “Bradley’s excited to be giving things a chance too. He knows Renee’s special.”