Britney Spears ‘ Art Therapy!

Britney Spears Art Therapy
Britney Spears created a giant painting to the delight of fans ( Image: @britneyspears)

Britney Spears took some time out of the drama surrounding her ongoing conservatorship battle to embrace some art therapy by creating a huge painting.

Britney Spears ‘ Art Therapy – Video: @britneyspears

Britney Spears dripped and splattered paint as a way to work through the chaos in her life. “Today I was feeling overwhelmed so I went to Michael’s [craft store] and got white paper and paint!!!” the 39-year-old wrote July 27, adding that the work was “an expression of how I’m feeling at the moment … rebellious… colorful…bright…bold …spontaneous…magical…so obviously showing my true colors “.

She has some reason for hope. Her new attorney, Matthew Rosengart, has officially filed to remove her father, Jamie Spears, from the conservatorship that has controlled her life, career and $60 million fortune for the past 13 years. The famed attorney, due back in court Sept. 29, alleges, among other things, that Jamie has “dissipated” the bulk of his daughter’s wealth.