Demi Moore and John Travolta: Share Their Sorrow

Demi Moore and John Travolta_ Share Their Sorrow

Demi Moore and John Travolta ‘s sharing their grief.

That’s what friends are for. Sources tell longtime pals Demi Moore and John Travolta have been leaning on each other in the months since his wife, Kelly Preston, succumbed to breast cancer at 57 after a two-year battle. “Demi reached out to John and Kelly’s family immediately upon hearing the news, and since then they’ve been communicating a lot,” says an insider. “They’ve gotten even closer.” Demi’s friendship with Kelly goes back some 30 years. “They thought the world of each other,” says the insider.

John and Demi, with Kelly and Bruce, hope to honor her by supporting cancer research, says a pal. Instagram: Demi Moore

The 58-year-old paid tribute to Kelly with a sweet Instagram post a day after the Jerry Maguire star’s July 12 passing. “The world has lost one of the most beautiful, kind, generous, tender-loving souls that have graced this earth,” she wrote alongside a sweet throwback pic. “Rest easy.” At the same time, she’s always been “extremely fond” of John, a close friend of her ex Bruce Willis, says the insider. As the duo mourn, notes the pal, “she’s been a fortress and a stand-up friend to him.”