Demi Moore ‘s Movie About Covid Outbreak “Songbird” Is A Box-Office Flop

Demi Moore movie About Covid outbreak Songbird is a box office flop

The reviews are in — and they aren’t good. Critics slammed Demi Moore ’s new movie Songbird, calling it a “Michael Bay-produced travesty” that “exploits the coronavirus epidemic for thrills.” The film takes place in the not-so-distant future during a COVID-23 outbreak, with the actress, 58, playing a wealthy woman who sells immunity bands on the black market for a hefty price.

Demi Moore ‘s Movie About Covid Outbreak “Songbird” is a Box-Office Flop – Official Trailer on youtube

“Demi Moore jumped at the chance to star in the movie (Songbird)”; with its topical storyline, she expected it’d be a box-office hit,” reveals an insider. However, not everyone shares Demi’s enthusiasm. “She’s disappointed that it’s flopped and is shocked at the backlash,” says the insider. “She certainly never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.”