Dr Phil: COVID-19 Post Pandemic Tips for Mental Health

Dr Phil COVID-19 Post Pandemic Tips for Mental Health

“The COVID-19 post pandemic, It’s a really important time in America,” Dr Phil says of mental health issues.

Life may finally be going back to normal, but that doesn’t mean the world will look as it once did — especially for youngsters. “This pandemic has had a devastating impact on children,” Dr Phil McGraw tells, noting that there’s been a rise in mental health problems. Between the school closures and the inability to see loved ones, “these kids have lost so much that’s important to their development.”

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As a solution, the talk show host, 70 — who recently teamed up with the Congressional Mental Health Caucus — recommends talking things out with children and easing them into reentry with trips to the park or to the store. Says Dr. McGraw, “You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Even if you’re not a parent, he adds, “you really need to lead with compassion and strive for empathy because you don’t know what everyone’s quarantine experience has been.”