British Royal Family Scandals: The Queen Is Fighting To Keep The Monarchy Alive!

British Royal Family Scandals The Queen Elizabeth II Is Fighting To Keep The Monarchy Alive
Queen Elizabeth II will wear the Imperial State Crown for a Parliament opening. (Getty Images)

The British royal family is hit by two scandals, while 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is still proving her mettle and fighting to keep the monarchy alive.

According to a source, Queen Elizabeth has been tackling the institution’s latest scandals and PR disasters head-on, even as she continues to grieve her beloved husband, Prince Philip, who died in April.

The queen got involved firsthand in the rift between the Cambridges and Sussexes, which deepened after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan relinquished their royal roles last year. “With gentle firmness, she finally brokered peace between the two couples,” shares the source, explaining she spoke to them via a virtual conference call. “She neither scolded nor coddled but stated they must put an end to their feud for the sake of the institution?’ Thanks to her mitigation, Prince William and Harry “are talking again and often,” spills the source, adding that while Duchess Kate is bonding with Meghan over their children, “they still have a ways to go, but they’re feeling hopeful again?’


Her Majesty is also determined to address the scandal surrounding her son Prince Andrew.

British Royal Family Scandals : The Queen Is Fighting To Keep The Monarchy Alive !
– Youtube: CBS Evening News.

In August, after alleged Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre sued Andrew, 61, for sexual assault, “the royal family panicked,” says the source, noting that the queen made the painful decision to ease Andrew out of the monarchy. “Stepping back from public duties was no longer enough,” adds the source. “She may be Andrew’s mother, but she’s also his queen and that role always comes first”