How Beyoncé & Jay-Z Saved Their Marriage?

Image: Beyoncé / Instagram

Beyoncé and Jay-Z seemed to be living the picture-perfect life, until the world discovered the pain and struggle the couple were facing privately, and how they were able to saved their marriage?

Jay-Z talked candidly about his determination to saved his marriage with singer Beyoncé, telling CNN’s Van Jones that the couple had chosen to “fight for our love.” (Youtube – CNN)

Bey and Jay celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on April 4 with a trip to Las Vegas. But there was a time their marriage almost crapped out. In her 2016 album Lemonade, the singer, 39, revealed the rapper, 51, had been unfaithful. “Jay-Z didn’t win back Beyoncé ’s trust overnight,” a source tells, “They had to put in the work to save their marriage.” During weekly couples therapy sessions, “they learned how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts.

Jay is a lot more attentive, too. He surprises Bey with romantic trips away and huge bouquets of flowers, just because. They’ve never been happier.”